New American flag flies at Seminole City Center

Owners of Seminole City Center have installed an American flag in front of Studio Movie Grill.

SEMINOLE — After nearly a year without an American flag at Seminole City Center, the shopping plaza’s owners have installed one in front of Studio Movie Grill.

At a March 12 Seminole City Council meeting, City Manager Ann Toney-Deal said the development agreement between the city and Seminole City Center allows for one flag pole. At the time, a flag pole was installed in front of the former Pollo Tropical location, which closed, but it had no flag. 

Since that meeting, the city and the property’s developers, North American Development Group and Primerica Group One, have worked together to find a space in the shopping center for an American flag.

“We pursued resurrecting the American flag and relocating the original flagpole from the Pollo Tropical parcel into the heart of Seminole City Center as a passion project,” said Jeff Preston, managing partner, NADG. “To do it correctly, it was a very long process we were happy to undertake. We were thoughtful in choosing the right location and, out of respect for proper flag etiquette, we decided to have it lighted 24/7 for all to enjoy day or night, so some construction work had to take place to prepare the area. Now, we are thrilled and proud to announce that the American flag once again flies over Seminole City Center and it is a beautiful sight to behold.”

Toney-Deal said she is “pleased” that the flag has been moved “to the central common area of the complex.”

“This is certainly a very appropriate place to honor our country and those who defend/defended our freedoms,” she added.

She also praised “the lobbying efforts and persistence of Mayor Leslie Waters, Councilor Jim Quinn and St. Petersburg College students Andrew Davis and Ashleigh VanLeeliwen” during the project.