SEMINOLE — I scream, you scream, we all scream for ... gelato.

At least, that’s what most customers feel like doing after a trip to Oh! Gelato Cafe.

The café at 10795 102nd Ave. N., has been open for just five weeks, and is the first to offer the creamy confection in Seminole. 

Seminole residents and cafe owners Elana and Ron Davis are no strangers to frozen treats. The couple owns and operates Yogurt City, a popular frozen yogurt business at John’s Pass Village in Madeira Beach. 

Natives of Chicago, the couple bought the yogurt business sight unseen.

“We’re from Chicago — born and raised — and we spent 50 years there in the cold,” Elana Davis said. “And we decided no more.”

Davis said she’s always wanted to settle somewhere warm with a slower, simpler life.

“It’s always been a dream for me,” she said. “I just always wanted to have a simpler life, and to have a little business by the beach.”

And now that she is living the dream, Davis said the decision to expand their business was an easy decision to make.

“We were ready to expand,” she said. “We both love gelato, so we decided to open our own shop.”

Davis said she and her husband have handed over the reins at Yogurt City to their son so that they could focus on Oh! Gelato.

Gelato is similar to ice cream, but is often softer and offers fewer calories, less sugar and a lower fat content. Hailing from Italy, gelato was first created in the 16th century.

The spacious cafe, which can seat close to 30, offers 14 flavors of gelato, including pistachio, amaretto cherry, dulce de leche, and tiramisu, as well as traditional flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. 

Also on the menu are 20 variations of bubble tea, a cold and frothy tea-based drink with tapioca pearls or juice poppers, created in Taiwan around 40 years ago, as well as smoothies.

“Bubble tea is a dessert drink, similar to a latte in texture, with a lot of different flavors,” Davis said.

Acai bowls, which looks like ice cream but is made from acai palm fruit from Brazil, dragon fruit bowls protein bowls are also available. 

Oh! Gelato also just launched a hot menu, which includes chicken, beef or vegetable paninis, grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs and pizza bagels.

Davis said Seminole is the perfect spot to grow her business.

“We live in Seminole,” she said. “We are interested in becoming involved in our community. We want to be the place where you want to come hang out.”