SEMINOLE — The city will provide the 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee with an additional $19,000 for events celebrating Seminole’s 50th anniversary of its incorporation.

Though the city was incorporated Nov. 15, 1970, it will celebrate its anniversary throughout 2020, hosting at least one event each month.

The city previously granted the committee $20,000. At the Nov. 12 Seminole City Council meeting, committee chair Dottie Reeder said they went about $7,000 over budget. This doesn’t take into account revenue from vendor fees, event tickets, sponsorships and the sale of various items at certain events, including beer and wine. She said that after these items are considered, the committee “may end up with more revenue than even the $7,000.”

Reeder requested the $19,000 “front money” at the City Council meeting. The funds will be used to purchase items needed, hire vendors and pay for other upfront expenses.

“We need the money to spend so we can collect it…we really need the money to get started with this,” she said, adding that as revenue from each event is collected, the city will be reimbursed.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for all events. The committee just signed on its first sponsor, Brookdale’s Freedom Square, which will donate funds to support the July 18 scavenger hunt and the Sept. 14 Taste of Seminole event.

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