SEMINOLE — As the city prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary of incorporation next year, former Seminole Mayor Dottie Reeder, chair of the 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee, discussed various events planned in 2020 at the July 9 Seminole City Council meeting.

Events will be held throughout the year, she said, and each month will have a different theme.

“Many (of these activities) will be serving and enhancing annual events that already do exist in the city every year,” she said. “The main focus of each event will be the city’s 50 years of serving residents in the city and the community as a whole.”

Next month, the committee will launch a photo contest showcasing “50 years of our city through your eyes,” Reeder said. These photos will be displayed at the Seminole Historical Society Museum at Seminole City Park and special events throughout the anniversary year.

January’s theme is “Walk Through Time.” That month’s featured event will be the launch of a monthly guided cemetery tour organized with the historical society.

In February, the theme is “The Heart of Seminole.” The special event will be a Family Fun Night with a 1970s theme, a cookout, themed movies and activities, and more at the Seminole Recreation Complex.

March will focus on the annual Seminole Pow Wow Festival, which takes place March 13-15. Reeder said the committee is working closely with the recreation department to display the city’s history at the event and to schedule popular musical acts that have performed at previous Pow Wows.

In April, the committee joins forces with the recreation department again for Art in the Park. Reeder said the annual event will likely have an emphasis on Seminole artists this year. There will also be a Seminole-themed mystery dinner theater event at the Parkview Room.

May’s theme is “Seminole the Beautiful,” Reeder said. Events during this month include a May 18 garden tour of Holloway Haven, the home of Sandy Holloway, a member of both the committee and the historical society board.

June will feature a June 13 food truck rally, while July’s main event will be a scavenger hunt either July 18 or 25.

August’s theme is “Salute to Schools” and will feature back-to-school supply drives and programming.

In September, the committee teams up with the recreation department again for Music in the Park. Reeder said the six-week concert series “will have a flavor of 50 years.” The committee will also host a Taste of Seminole event that month as well.

For the next month, October, the Field of Screams will be the highlight of the anniversary committee’s events. Reeder said they are exploring the encouragement of costumes that showcase Seminole’s history.

November is “the big month, the actual birthday month of the city,” she said. Not only is the anniversary committee looking to team up with the Kiwanis Breakfast Club of Seminole for their annual Field of Honor, Reeder said they hope to add a gold ribbon representing the city’s 50th anniversary celebration to each flag in the display.

The city’s “big birthday celebration” will take place Sunday, Nov. 15, in the recreation center’s auditorium, she added. The event will feature a DJ, a photo contest, a balloon drop, snacks and various activities.

Finally, in December, the committee will celebrate the city’s anniversary at the annual WinterFest event and holiday parade.

“That should be a nice wrap-up for us,” Reeder said.

She added that these events are in “very preliminary” stages.

“We just finalized what the events are going to be,” she said. “Now, the nitty gritty, roll up your sleeves, begins.”