SEMINOLE — The future direction of recreation in Seminole could be westward, with the City Council scheduling a workshop next week on the Seminole Youth Athletic Association Park.

The possibility arose after City Manager Ann Toney-Deal queried the council Jan. 26 about its interest in hearing a presentation about the history of the complex.

The question raised more than a glimmer of interest among council members.

Council member Jim Olliver said he had “strong interest” in the presentation, which would be given by Tim Schuler, a lawyer who represents SYAA Park.

“We’re going to be talking as a council about the future direction of recreation in our community,” Olliver said. “Last week you said, mayor, that everyone loves parks. You were right. Everyone loves fields. This could provide us with an opportunity writ large to greatly expand our recreation program and the number of sports that we play. We don’t know that yet, but I think we are in a unique time to explore the possibilities and the first step would be to learn the history.”

The SYAA park is located at 12100 90th Ave N. Outside the western boundaries of Seminole, it is nearly surrounded by the city to the east, north and west and is a special taxing district. It is not part of unincorporated Pinellas County.

Toney-Deal said she requested the presentation because Schuler is “the most knowledgeable single person” on the park. By requesting the presentation, she said she was not suggesting the council “do one thing or another.”

Many of Seminole’s youth sports activities take place at the park, she said, making it “part of our greater community while it’s not part of our city.”

The city does “contribute funds” to the park, she said, because some Seminole residents take part in activities there.

Were the park to be purchased by the city, it could not be incorporated into the city. By law, any annexed property must lie along a town’s boundary.

Toney-Deal said the town can own property that is outside its legal limits.

However, there were “too many unknowns” at the moment to make decisions about the property, she said.

The presentation will be given following the Feb. 9 council meeting.