Four kindergarten classes from Seminole Elementary School visited the Seminole Historical Society Museum on Feb. 16.

About 80 students and twenty adults including teachers, support staff and family volunteers made the trip.

Volunteer docents discussed and selected five exhibits for the four groups of 5-year-old students who cycled through the museum over a period of two hours. Each tour started with a discussion of the historic Meares home (the “haunted house”), then reviewed Native American cultural artifacts including a drum, rattles and children’s dolls and toys.

Students were inquisitive about the museum’s Tocobaga Indian mannequin. They were also shown the impressive and unique Millennium Park ancient animal fossils. The history of Fred, the Seminole City Cat, was their next stop, and finally they admired the special display of the beginning of Seminole Elementary School in the early 1900s and were amazed at the old desks and chairs used at that time.

Each student left the museum with a souvenir peacock feather provided by these tropical birds who inhabit the local area adjacent to Seminole City Park.